Marijuana will Be Legal Sooner or later…

By Bill Piper, Special to CNN STORY HIGHLIGHTS

  • Bill Piper: Despite all the arrests and money spent, youth marijuana use is increasing
  • Piper: Overdoses not reported; criminals thrive, jails filled with nonviolent offenders
  • As we do with alcohol, he writes, bad behavior, not use, should be punished
  • Marijuana will be legalized, but how many lives and money will be wasted first, Piper asks

Editor’s note: Bill Piper is the director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance.

(CNN) — It’s as predictable as the sun rising and setting. Even though police made more than 850,000 marijuana arrests last year, a recent government report shows youth marijuana use increased by about 9 percent.

Supporters of the failed war on drugs will no doubt argue this increase means policymakers should spend more taxpayer money next year arresting and incarcerating a greater number of Americans. In other words, their solution to failure is to do more of the same. Fortunately, the “reform nothing” club is getting mighty lonely these
days — 76 percent of Americans recognize the drug war has failed; millions are demanding change.

In the almost 40 years since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, tens of millions of Americans have been arrested and hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent. Yet drugs are just as available now as they were then. It is hard to find even an elected official who hasn’t used marijuana or other illegal drugs. President Obama used drugs. Former President George W. Bush made taped comments that many interpreted as indicating he did too. Then there’s Bill Clinton, who famously said he
smoked pot but didn’t inhale. Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, and Sarah Palin admit they used drugs.

Drug use is so widespread the FBI changed its policy of not hiring people with a history of illegal drug use because the policy disqualified so many people that it could not fill its law enforcement positions.

The war on drugs hasn’t just failed; it’s created problems of its own. Laws restricting the availability of sterile syringes have increased the spread of AIDS and hepatitis C.

Aggressive campaigns to arrest and incarcerate drug users have increased drug-related deaths by making drug users too afraid to call 911 when a friend is overdosing. The government’s misleading and over-the-top anti-drug messages have made young people mistrust other anti-drug messages from parents and adults.

Mass incarceration of drug offenders has drained state and federal resources, distracted police from dealing with violent crime, and produced a generation of children with one or both parents behind bars instead of at home. The racial disparities are appalling. As Michelle Alexander so eloquently shows in her new book, “The New Jim Crow,” a drug conviction automatically makes a person a second-class citizen who can be legally discriminated against in housing and employment, denied school loans, and barred for life from serving on juries, accessing public benefits and even voting. While African Americans make up only about 13 percent of the U.S. population and about 15 percent of drug users, they make up about 38 percent of those arrested for drug law violations and a mind-boggling 59 percent of those convicted for drug law violations.

Like Prohibition did for alcohol, drug prohibition is also enriching organized crime. Instead of regulating marijuana to control who can access it, policymakers have ceded control of the $400-billion-a-year global drug market to crime syndicates and thugs.

In Mexico, where parts of the country are like Chicago under Al Capone on steroids, 28,000 people have died since President Calderón launched a war three years ago against well-armed, well-funded drug trafficking organizations. The U.S. government doesn’t report its prohibition-related deaths, but law enforcement officers, drug offenders, and civilians die every day in our country’s war on drugs and sex porn, too.

It is long past time to abandon the silly notion that America can be a drug-free nation. The inconvenient truth in drug policy is that Americans love drugs — alcohol, caffeine, marijuana, cocaine, and prescription drugs for everything from anxiety to fatigue. Although some people develop problems with their drug use, most do not. This
holds true for both legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco and illegal drugs like marijuana and cocaine. Decades of evidence shows that the average user of any drug doesn’t get addicted and doesn’t create problems for anyone else. Obviously, some do.

We recognize these facts when it comes to legal drugs. It’s why we don’t arrest the tens of millions of Americans who drink responsibly but do arrest people who drive while drunk or get belligerent and start fights. Yet we waste tens of billions of dollars every year arresting Americans for marijuana or other drugs, even when they’re not harming anyone. Then we either jam them into overcrowded jails where they take up space that could hold someone who committed a violent offense or jam them into a treatment program where they take up limited spaces for people who really need help.

What matters most is not how many people use marijuana, alcohol or other drugs, but what’s the best way to reduce the problems associated with substance misuse without creating more harmful social problems. Drug use rates rise and fall almost independently of what politicians say and do, but criminalizing drug use makes the situation worse. Prohibition doesn’t stop drug use; it makes drug use more dangerous while filling prisons with nonviolent offenders and making crime lords
rich. With marijuana use among young people rising despite decades of punitive drug policies, policymakers should reform U.S. drug policy. Or
maybe voters will reform it for them.

In November, California voters will vote on Proposition 19, which seeks to control marijuana like alcohol, redirect police resources toward violent criminals, and end California’s embarrassingly racist marijuana enforcement once and for all. Polling shows support is about 50-50.

Even if Proposition 19 loses, it will only be temporary. Support for marijuana legalization is growing, and not just in California. Legalization will happen. It’s just a question of how many lives and tax dollars will be wasted before it does. Some vested interests, of course, will fight change until the bitter end. Progress has never been accepted by everyone.

The opinions in this commentary are solely those of Bill Piper.

My “Scientific Research” at Marshall Islands

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The Marshall Islands are located between Australia and Hawaii. As an island country in the Pacific Ocean, this territory offers a rich culture and amazing nature. I know many divers prefer to do their submersions right here. And it’s obvious the tourists from all over the world come here to spend their time in a tranquil place. The capital of republic, Majuro, boasts a good series of hotels. I chose the Robert Reimers hotel with a comfortable suite. In the evening I walked down the streets of the city. As you could guess I was seeking the store, where people buy souvenirs and trimmings. It wasn’t difficult – that kind of shops are scattered almost everywhere. The first owner of that one ensured me all his decorative corals are genuine. The others told me the same. I understood their arguments were stronger than the criticism of internet bloggers, who had no idea about this hard work, linked with the coral extraction and treatment. Now I’m going to compose academic writing.

Lack of Local Authority Vision to Develop Welsh Primary Education

The local Neath Port Talbot branch of the Parents for Welsh Medium Education (RhAG) organization has sent an urgent letter to Education Advisers and Officers regarding education development Welsh-medium in the Country.

In the letter, the branch specifically highlights their concern over recent proposals to reorganize education in the county. Among those proposals is the proposal to consider opening a second Welsh-medium secondary school in the southern part of the county, a welcome development, as it will eventually offer Welsh-medium education locally to the large numbers of pupils. who live in that area. However, there is a fundamental flaw in these latest proposals to meet the high demand for Welsh-medium education in the primary sector. The Assembly’s Welsh Medium Education Strategy has identified that Neath Port Talbot needs to increase its primary provision by 30% by 2015, equivalent to approximately 600 additional places, to meet the demand already identified.

Eirian Youngman, Chair of the Neath Port Talbot GTP said:

“The county noted following their own internal survey that parental demand for Welsh-medium education is over 40%, and that many of the schools in the south of the county are already full – in fact, in three schools, ‘ The demand for places is almost double the official admission numbers, and the capacity currently available, but despite this strong evidence, no plans have been put forward to address the RhAG feels strongly that the new and much-needed Welsh-medium primary schools should be located in the Resolven and Llandarcy areas / Skewen, where demand is highest.

“In order to secure funding for new primary schools, it is vital that the county’s bid to the Assembly for capital funding, to be submitted to the Assembly by mid-December, includes proposals for new primary provision. Indeed, the Welsh-medium Education Strategy clearly states that Local Authorities should consider the future demand for and access to Welsh-medium provision when planning to change school provision, and when making proposals for the 21st Century Schools Program Other counties such as Cardiff are already including Welsh-medium education as part of their plans when submitting funding applications.

“We are calling on councilors and council officers to ensure that the bid for capital funding includes proposals to extend Welsh-medium primary education in Neath Port Talbot, in order to meet parental demand and ensure equal opportunities for all children to receive his education through his chosen medium in his local community. “

Launch of the Campaign for the Promotion of Welsh Medium Education

RhAG has welcomed the launch of the Welsh Medium Education Campaign by the First Minister, Carwyn Jones today.

newyddionLynne Davies, National Chair of RhAG, said Well RhAG is eagerly awaiting the launch of this campaign, indeed it is a historic day that marks the first Welsh Government taking ownership of the responsibility for promoting Welsh Education in Wales. It is encouraging to see the First Minister leading the launch which confirms the Welsh Government’s commitment to seeing Welsh-medium education thrive.

It is fitting and appropriate to launch the campaign at Ysgol Trelyn, Caerphilly as it underlines the current dualism facing Welsh education today. The building that houses the school is representative of the challenges facing many schools in the Welsh-medium sector in a county where there has been tremendous growth in data demand for Welsh-medium education in recent years. If real growth is to be achieved in the future capital investment must be prioritized.

The School Standards and Organization (Wales) Act 2013 places an expectation that Local Authorities are now driving growth rather than just meeting it. This is a fundamental change from the previous regime. We, therefore, hope that this year’s launch will be the start of the journey and that the campaign will develop annually with adequate funding investment. The target audience is not static, and so it is crucial that the campaign is not only dynamic but fluid, and continues to repeat the messages about Welsh education and the benefits of bilingualism from year to year. We also hope that it will bring together all the partners who work tirelessly to promote Welsh Medium Education on the ground in a joint effort.

Most importantly, it must be ensured that the core message of this campaign that Welsh parents have an alternative to their children’s education is a genuinely viable option and that Welsh counties are also acting on their duty; by ensuring that Welsh-medium provision is accessible, that there is robust progression available at all key stages and that it is available within reasonable traveling distance of the home.

Wrexham Parents Voice Support for New Welsh school for Gwersyllt

At a current public satisfying held at Ysgol Plas Coch, Wrexham there was unanimous assistance amongst regional moms and dads for a suggested plan to Develop a new Welsh-medium institution at Delamere Opportunity, Gwersyllt.

Moms and dads were unified in their goals to see the advancement from brand-new Welsh-medium arrangement in Wrexham and completely concurred that Wrexham Region Borough Council’s dedication to developing a new institution ought to be sustained. That there‘s currently an expanding requirement for Welsh tool education and learning in the north from the Region was highlighted by that enhancing variety of Ti Fi teams and Cylchoedd Meithrin are flourishing in the location.

This was highlighted that Ysgol Plas Coch, the institution that presently offers Welsh-medium education and learning for the catchment location, it cannot satisfy that expanding require amongst regional moms and dads that select Welsh-medium education and learning for their kids, and Consequently we‘ve needed to mount cabins as a short-term service to deal with the development in numbers. This was included that the just long-term service was to develop brand-new arrangements in the location which would reduce the present stress on this as an institution. Protecting brand-new arrangements, both available and regional, would satisfy the expanding requirements of moms and dads in the north from the Region for Welsh-medium education and learning.

A movement was passed for developing a Moms and dads for Welsh Tool Education and learning (RhAG) branch in the location to network assistance for the suggested brand-new institution along with future advancements in connection with Welsh tool education and learning throughout Wrexham.

Jeremy Salisbury, the brand-new Chair from Wrexham RhAG branch, stated, ” I‘m pleased to be associated with the job from RhAG in your area and to collaborate as a branch with the Regional Education and learning Authority to guarantee that moms and dads have the ability to select Welsh tool education and learning for their kids which that arrangement satisfies the high requirements all of us wish to see. ”

The very first main satisfying from the brand-new branch will be kept in the brand-new year previously the Region Preparing Board convenes to talk about the preparing application for the suggested brand-new institution. For much more information on the plans get in touch with Jeremy Salisbury on 07540169242 / Jeremy. salisbury@talktalk. internet. All invite.

RhAG Welcomes Cardiff Council’s Announcement on Canton

cardiff-caerdyddCardiff RhAG has welcomed an announcement received this week by Cardiff Council outlining their intention to build a brand new Welsh-medium school.

The future of Welsh-medium education in the west of the city received a major boost this week with the Council’s latest announcement of their plans to meet the growing demand for Welsh-medium education in the Canton area.

Following a lengthy period of tireless campaigning, parents of Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna and Ysgol Tan-y-Eos were informed of the Council’s proposals to build a new school on land near the Sanatorium at a cost of approximately £ 9million.

In response to the announcement, Mrs. Gruffudd Evans Chair of RhAG Cardiff said, “This long-awaited news is certainly to be welcomed and the fact that things are finally moving forward is a positive step for the Of course that excitement must be tempered with some caution as the success of the scheme is so dependent on funding from the Welsh Assembly Government, and we trust that the government will be able to respond favorably to the only realistic proposal now available. to unlock the growth of Welsh-medium education in Canton. ”

“There is now a need for assurance from the Welsh Assembly Government that they will keep to their commitment to work with Cardiff Council to find a solution and that this will lead to securing the funding necessary to deliver Canton’s position is one obvious part of the growing demand for Welsh-medium education across Cardiff, especially in the west of the city, and moving to resolve this as a matter of urgency will allow the council to work towards “We cannot stress too much that realizing the plan requires close co-operation and a strong will of government.”

He went on to say, “The announcement is also significant as it provides a signal of security and stability not only to current parents of schools but also to parents of the future. After years of uncertainty, this is absolutely necessary to give confidence to the growing number of parents in the area who want to provide their children with Welsh-medium education. The importance of this week’s publication, therefore, represents a development with extremely far-reaching consequences. ”

But Mrs. Gruffudd Evans warned, “It must be acknowledged that this will not be an overnight solution, and therefore an interim plan must be put in place to alleviate the current unacceptable conditions during the period leading up to the opening. the proposed new school in 2013. With that in mind, RhAG will continue to work with parents, Cardiff Council and government officials to ensure that this week’s statement becomes a reality and in line with the timetable which is outlined. “

New School In Cardiff Comes Closer

A new Welsh-medium school is in the making in Cardiff after a stand-alone reception class opened this term in the Splott area. For the time being, the class is located in a part of Moorland Primary School in the south of Splott. The class has 14 pupils, nine from Splott itself, and five from the Rumney area. There was a serious need for a local Welsh-medium school following the relocation of Ysgol y Berllan Deg (which had been temporarily in Roath, next to Splott) to a permanent home a long way to the north in Llanedeyrn. Local residents felt this was unfair because their children had to travel so far on the bus. Now there is real hope that a new school could serve the southern part of Y Berllan Deg’s huge and unwieldy catchment area. That school is already full, anyway, as is Ysgol Bro Eirwg in Rumney, the nearest school to the east, so it is clear that new capacity is needed for the growing numbers seeking Welsh-medium education.

Cardiff Education Authority is expected to make an announcement on the future of the new reception class in November with Layartogel.

A Golden Opportunity to Transform Welsh Medium Education Powys

powysRhAG has contacted all Powys Council Cupboard participants advising them to embrace the concept that assigned Welsh tool institutions (classification 2A) is the chosen design for the shipment from Welsh-medium additional education and learning in Powys.
This comes as the Cupboard convenes tomorrow early morning to talk about, to name a few problems, (i) a record from Range Working as a consultant which talks about Evaluation from Additional Education and learning in North Powys concentrating on Welsh tool/double stream education and learning and (ii) swimming pool consolidation Brecon High School’s present Welsh language at Builth Wells High Institution.

Here is the letter completely :

Dear Councilor

I‘ll contact you as a participant from Powys Council’s Cupboard previously you collect tomorrow to talk about issues from remarkable significance in connection with the advancement from Welsh Tool Education and learning in the region. I refer particularly to :

Evaluation from Additional Education and learning in North Powys concentrating on Welsh tool/double stream Education The Welsh stream at Brecon High School In behalf of RhAG participants in Powys and the County’s moms and dads, and according to the suggestions from the Range Working as a consultant record, we advise you to embrace the concept that assigned Welsh tool institutions (classification 2A) are the chosen design for the shipment from Welsh-medium additional education and learning in Powys.

Guaranteeing equal rights from option and the genuine chance for households that desire their kids to get a complete additional education and learning with the tool from Welsh depends completely on that particular.

For a long time, this has ended up removing that the present system is not lasting, educationally, linguistically or economically. The present system doesn‘t offer equivalent chances for Powys students to get complete additional education and learning with the tool from Welsh, from region traveling is presently the just implies from accessing such an arrangement. In the south from the Region, an enhancing variety of students is a production that trip this can‘t be an appropriate circumstance.

When faced with strategies to spend considerably in the change from the English-medium industry in Powys, a similarly wide-ranging vision is required for Welsh-medium education and learning. This is a gold chance to change the Welsh-medium arrangement in Powys’s right.

Developing Powys’ very first Welsh-medium additional institutions would damage the present stringent cycle and change the landscape from Welsh-medium education and learning in the region, according to Welsh Federal government assumptions to enhance bilingualism. that has currently made public its sights on this, defining that greater than one institution is had to recognize this vision.

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen has industrialized throughout the years to run as a Welsh-medium institution, so formalizing this would be an all-natural action. One of the most rational place for a Welsh-medium institution to offer the north-east from the region – based upon present arrangement – is Llanfair Caereinion the present degree from Welsh-medium arrangement and the main geographic place make this a practical and useful proposal.

Similarly, there‘s a have to deal with comparable chances in the south from the region, by guaranteeing that Builth Wells provides a complete variety of Welsh language programs, and developing a cross-county contract for those that want to remain to get Welsh-medium education and learning. particularly in regards to Message 16 arrangement, having the ability to traveling to Welsh-medium institutions in surrounding regions. Integrating and enhancing the arrangement in Builth Wells would deal with the very best possibility of accomplishing that.

When faced with remarkable monetary stress, the moment has come for Powys Chosen Participants to earn challenging choices that will affect the arrangement from education and learning in Powys for the following quarter from a king 4d. There‘s no rejecting that the obligation you‘ve is huge the obligation to provide all the kids and youths from Powys a real degree having fun area and to guarantee that many more students have complete gain access to to the undoubted advantages from Welsh-medium education and learning in this region. This is a gold chance to change the Welsh-medium arrangement in Powys’s right.

The Welsh Government’s nationwide plan integrated into the nationwide Welsh-medium Education and learning Technique – lays out an objective to enhance and enhance connection in between secret phases, and especially in between main and additional. This likewise collections an unbiased to enhance the variety of 7-year-olds that get their education and learning with the tool from Welsh. Taking favorable activity in the additional industry would have a favorable impact on this and permit Powys Council to satisfy nationwide targets established by the Welsh Federal government. You‘ll understand that there‘re dedications in Powys Council ‘s Welsh in Education and learning Plan 2014-17, a statutory file, to earn advance on the problems: it‘s about time that those guarantees have been executed and provided.

The facility from assigned Welsh-medium institutions is for that reason a crucial element from the Council’s tactical ahead preparing and an important structure rock for the larger advancement from Welsh-medium education and learning in Powys. Additional dragging from feet and denying one more generation from Powys students from the fundamental chance offered to the majority of their peers in the remainder from Wales is unjustified. The require and require is remove: certain actions should be required to develop the arrangement that will satisfy this.

This is a gold chance to change the Welsh-medium arrangement in Powys’s right.

For the factors described over us for that reason contact you to assistance the suggestions previously you tomorrow and to focus on the well-being and rate of interests from the kids and youths from Powys most of all else. We contact you to recognize the belief and count on from Powys moms and dads and students in you as supporters and agents from Powys neighborhoods. We contact you to accept a far-reaching vision for the development from Welsh-medium Education and learning and for the long-lasting future from the Welsh language in the Region.

Historic Milestone for Welsh Medium Education in Newport

Historic milestone for Welsh Medium Education in NewportRhAG and regional moms and dads have today invited Newport Council’s cupboard choice to authorize strategies to open up the county’s very first Welsh-medium additional institution.

A unique satisfying was convened at a unique satisfying convened to talk about 2 objections got throughout the assessment duration.

The brand-new institution, a17m collaboration in between Newport Council, Monmouthshire Region Council and the Welsh Federal government, will lie on the premises from Dyffryn High Institution, in the southwest from the city, and will confess 90 students in September 2016.

Elin Maher, regional moms and dad and chair from Newport GTP stated, The choice from Newport City Council today is the conclusion from years from campaigning, instructing and effort. Moms and dads, instructors and policemen have added to production this choice a truth. Finally, a regional Welsh-medium additional institution will be offered for our kids. ”

Lynne Davies, regional moms and dad and nationwide chair from RhAG included The long-awaited choice today is to warmly invite them. With Welsh Education and learning under siege or shedding ground in various other locations, it‘s considerable that the Southern Eastern is prominent the method. This notes a brand-new and interesting duration for the Welsh language in this field where the language battle is every day however where considerable advance is being made. Today is undeniable evidence from that.

3 Recommended Inspirational Education Films

Along with the story, a high-quality movie can offer motivating tales. Among them are movies with the style from scientific research regarding education and learning. Understanding is not just regarding publications and instructors, however, there‘re fantastic points just like lessons with interest, collaboration, relationship to a competitor. Education and learning are among the inserts that can be installed in a movie to communicate a message.

Some movies that provide a message regarding education and learning, make the complying with 5 movies immortal, and will constantly be kept in mind for providing a great academic message. Inviting the Nationwide Education and learning Day on Might 2, 2019, the complying with academic movies that we can view once again.

1. The Great Debaters

The Fantastic Debaters This movie has to do with black people that shout their discomfort at the discrimination they get. In this movie, it‘s informed exactly how their battle to obtain equal rights from legal rights. Wiley University, among one of the most certified black institutions, is identified to accomplish this equal right by developing a solid argument group. This concept was triggered by Melvin B. Tolson (Denzel Washington). From some interested trainees, lastly, 4 trainees were selected.

These 4 chose trainees likewise originate from different histories and their particular tales. They were qualified by Tolson in different methods to type an individual that has a solid personality. Different types of challenges came close to this argument group. Tolson’s participation in the employees ‘and peasants’ motion was highlighted by different celebrations that didn‘t just like the presence of blacks.

Consequently, among the argument staff member chosen to leave. And also, disputes between argument staff members endanger the survival of the group itself.

2. School of Rock

As the title recommends, this movie is certainly thick with the environment from institutions, instructors, trainees, and shake songs. In this movie, star Jack Black plays Dewey Finn. He was a rocker and a participant from a band, that after that kicked him out. That made him puzzled because he‘d no earnings whatsoever. Once, there was a chance for him to end up being an instructor at an institution. During that time he discovered that his trainees had the capacity in songs.

Here will be a shake songs celebration entitled ” Fight from the Band “. Dewey was identified to consist of his trainees, in the wish that he might snatch a big reward and all the charges that were pinning him might be paid. From the preliminary habits alone, this enjoyable and amusing movie has led Dewey to the issue. However departing from that also, we can delight in a range from interesting and motivating occasions from this funny category movie.

3. Dangerous Minds

This movie has to do with a previous Aquatic called Louanne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer), that changed occupations to end up being a secondary school instructor. He should instruct an institution situated in the Bronx location that‘s rather testing because the standard trainee lives in the location where medication trafficking.

The lunge from a Louanne to instruct her trainees to comprehend English topics makes this movie really fascinating with racking up songs that are likewise gorgeous. But this was shot in 1995, this movie never ever really felt traditional, because the style this brought was suitable to be examined at any age. Incidentally, this movie was drawn from a publication by Louanne Johnson himself, so this is the initial tale that he skilled.