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Gaudy Night: Other Side of a Crime

A famous mystery novel writer managed to present her own view on the nature of the crime. And Gaudy Night is the brightest example of it! This is the very novel proving that the crime cannot be referred to wrong actions committed against humanity; it is more about an intellectual crime that is committed against education. Interesting suggestion, isn’t it? I have some more!


I should admit that the novel has a very sophisticated plot with juicy details and unexpected plot lines. Harriet Vane, the protagonist, and her old friend Wimsey decides to enter the world of unsolved puzzles once they return to the University. At a glance, this plot seems banal and boring, but further development has excited my imagination. This reading is not for people with weak nerves. Forget about this book if you are looking for something light and sweet. The abundance of mystery can make your brains explode! So, you should be on guard.

Despite the plot harshness and seriousness, Sayers’ novel can be considered a thriller story of romance that skillfully combines crime, romantic relationships, and philosophic ideas that slightly interrupt the mainline.

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