RhAG Welcomes Cardiff Council’s Announcement on Canton

cardiff-caerdyddCardiff RhAG has welcomed an announcement received this week by Cardiff Council outlining their intention to build a brand new Welsh-medium school.

The future of Welsh-medium education in the west of the city received a major boost this week with the Council’s latest announcement of their plans to meet the growing demand for Welsh-medium education in the Canton area.

Following a lengthy period of tireless campaigning, parents of Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna and Ysgol Tan-y-Eos were informed of the Council’s proposals to build a new school on land near the Sanatorium at a cost of approximately £ 9million.

In response to the announcement, Mrs. Gruffudd Evans Chair of RhAG Cardiff said, “This long-awaited news is certainly to be welcomed and the fact that things are finally moving forward is a positive step for the Of course that excitement must be tempered with some caution as the success of the scheme is so dependent on funding from the Welsh Assembly Government, and we trust that the government will be able to respond favorably to the only realistic proposal now available. to unlock the growth of Welsh-medium education in Canton. ”

“There is now a need for assurance from the Welsh Assembly Government that they will keep to their commitment to work with Cardiff Council to find a solution and that this will lead to securing the funding necessary to deliver Canton’s position is one obvious part of the growing demand for Welsh-medium education across Cardiff, especially in the west of the city, and moving to resolve this as a matter of urgency will allow the council to work towards “We cannot stress too much that realizing the plan requires close co-operation and a strong will of government.”

He went on to say, “The announcement is also significant as it provides a signal of security and stability not only to current parents of schools but also to parents of the future. After years of uncertainty, this is absolutely necessary to give confidence to the growing number of parents in the area who want to provide their children with Welsh-medium education. The importance of this week’s publication, therefore, represents a development with extremely far-reaching consequences. ”

But Mrs. Gruffudd Evans warned, “It must be acknowledged that this will not be an overnight solution, and therefore an interim plan must be put in place to alleviate the current unacceptable conditions during the period leading up to the opening. the proposed new school in 2013. With that in mind, RhAG will continue to work with parents, Cardiff Council and government officials to ensure that this week’s statement becomes a reality and in line with the timetable which is outlined. “


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