New School In Cardiff Comes Closer

A new Welsh-medium school is in the making in Cardiff after a stand-alone reception class opened this term in the Splott area. For the time being, the class is located in a part of Moorland Primary School in the south of Splott. The class has 14 pupils, nine from Splott itself, and five from the Rumney area. There was a serious need for a local Welsh-medium school following the relocation of Ysgol y Berllan Deg (which had been temporarily in Roath, next to Splott) to a permanent home a long way to the north in Llanedeyrn. Local residents felt this was unfair because their children had to travel so far on the bus. Now there is real hope that a new school could serve the southern part of Y Berllan Deg’s huge and unwieldy catchment area. That school is already full, anyway, as is Ysgol Bro Eirwg in Rumney, the nearest school to the east, so it is clear that new capacity is needed for the growing numbers seeking Welsh-medium education.

Cardiff Education Authority is expected to make an announcement on the future of the new reception class in November with Layartogel.


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