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The Most Effective Learning Methods in Pandemic Times

After the emergence of the Covid-19 outbreak in the hemisphere, the education system began looking for innovation in the teaching and learning process.

Every institution is also required to provide the latest innovations to shape this highly effective learning process. Unfortunately, not all educational institutions seem to understand well about the latest innovations that must be used to carry out learning during a pandemic. Most of them are still unable to adjust it because of constraints on facilities and infrastructure.


Don’t worry just yet, for those of you who are still confused about finding the latest learning model that is right for your students. Some experts are already discussing suitable learning methods during this pandemic. What are the learning methods?

1. Project-Based Learning

This project-based learning method was initiated by the implications of the Minister of Education and Culture Circular No. 4 of 2020. This project-based learning has the main objective of providing training to students to be more able to collaborate, work together, and empathize with others.

According to the Minister of Education and Culture, this project-based learning method is very effective in applying to students by forming small study groups to work on projects, experiments, and innovations. This learning method is very suitable for students who are in the yellow or green zone. By carrying out this learning method, of course, you must also pay attention to the applicable health protocol.

2. Online Method

To get around this unfavorable situation, online methods can be an effective way of dealing with it. Reporting from Kumparan, Kemendikbud revealed that online methods can overcome problems that occur during this pandemic.

This method apparently allows students to make good use of existing facilities at home. Like creating content using items around the house or doing all learning activities through the online system.

Well, this online method is very suitable for students who are in the red zone. By using a full online method like this, the learning system that is delivered will continue and all students remain at their respective homes in a safe condition.

3. Offline Method

Offline refers to the learning model that is carried out outside the network. In that sense, this one lesson is carried out face-to-face by paying attention to the zoning and applicable health protocols. This method is perfect for students in the yellow or green zone, especially with the strict new normal protocol.

In this method, students will be taught in turns to avoid crowds. This offline learning model was suggested by the Minister of Education and Culture to fulfill the curriculum simplification during this emergency period.

This method is designed to get around the delivery of the curriculum so that it is not complicated when it is delivered to students. In addition, this learning program is also considered good enough for those who do not have the supporting facilities and infrastructure for the online system.

4. Home Visit Method

As with other methods, home visits are an option in the learning method during this pandemic. This method is similar to teaching and learning activities that are delivered during homeschooling. So, the teacher conducts a home visit at the student’s house for a certain time.

This method was suggested by the Head of Partnership which is very suitable for students who do not have the opportunity to get a suitable set of technology. Thus, the material that will be given to students can be conveyed well. Because the subject matter and the existence of the assignment given can be carried out well.

5. Integrated Curriculum

This learning method was delivered by a member of the Commission. Quoted from, the former Chancellor of the University Welsh said that learning would be more effective when referring to the project base. In which, each class will be given a project that is relevant to the related subject.

This learning method does not only involve one subject but also links other learning methods. By applying this method, in addition to students who collaborate in working on projects, other lecturers are also given the opportunity to hold team teaching with lecturers in other subjects.

The integrated curriculum can be applied to all students in all regions because this method will be applied to an online system. So the implementation of the integrated curriculum is considered very safe for students.

6. Blended Learning

The blended learning method is a method that uses two approaches at once. In a sense, this method uses an online as well as a face-to-face system through video conference. So, even though students and teachers do remote learning, they can still interact with each other.

Yane revealed that the blended learning method is one of the methods that are considered effective for improving the cognitive abilities of students.

In fact, this method has begun to be designed and applied in the early 21st century. However, along with the outbreak of the Covid-19 outbreak, this method is being studied more deeply because it is considered to be a suitable learning method for students in Indonesia.

Gaudy Night: Other Side of a Crime

A famous mystery novel writer managed to present her own view on the nature of the crime. And Gaudy Night is the brightest example of it! This is the very novel proving that the crime cannot be referred to wrong actions committed against humanity; it is more about an intellectual crime that is committed against education. Interesting suggestion, isn’t it? I have some more!


I should admit that the novel has a very sophisticated plot with juicy details and unexpected plot lines. Harriet Vane, the protagonist, and her old friend Wimsey decides to enter the world of unsolved puzzles once they return to the University. At a glance, this plot seems banal and boring, but further development has excited my imagination. This reading is not for people with weak nerves. Forget about this book if you are looking for something light and sweet. The abundance of mystery can make your brains explode! So, you should be on guard.

Despite the plot harshness and seriousness, Sayers’ novel can be considered a thriller story of romance that skillfully combines crime, romantic relationships, and philosophic ideas that slightly interrupt the mainline.

The mystery of crimes and horror of events are perfect topics that can be dwelled in writing a term paper and custom written paper. You can even write about film adaptations of this novel (Picture 2). No matter which variant you will choose for a description, you should present it in a very interesting and exciting way.

Wrexham Parents Voice Support for New Welsh school for Gwersyllt

At a current public satisfying held at Ysgol Plas Coch, Wrexham there was unanimous assistance amongst regional moms and dads for a suggested plan to Develop a new Welsh-medium institution at Delamere Opportunity, Gwersyllt.

Moms and dads were unified in their goals to see the advancement from brand-new Welsh-medium arrangement in Wrexham and completely concurred that Wrexham Region Borough Council’s dedication to developing a new institution ought to be sustained. That there‘s currently an expanding requirement for Welsh tool education and learning in the north from the Region was highlighted by that enhancing variety of Ti Fi teams and Cylchoedd Meithrin are flourishing in the location.

This was highlighted that Ysgol Plas Coch, the institution that presently offers Welsh-medium education and learning for the catchment location, it cannot satisfy that expanding require amongst regional moms and dads that select Welsh-medium education and learning for their kids, and Consequently we‘ve needed to mount cabins as a short-term service to deal with the development in numbers. This was included that the just long-term service was to develop brand-new arrangements in the location which would reduce the present stress on this as an institution. Protecting brand-new arrangements, both available and regional, would satisfy the expanding requirements of moms and dads in the north from the Region for Welsh-medium education and learning.

A movement was passed for developing a Moms and dads for Welsh Tool Education and learning (RhAG) branch in the location to network assistance for the suggested brand-new institution along with future advancements in connection with Welsh tool education and learning throughout Wrexham.

Jeremy Salisbury, the brand-new Chair from Wrexham RhAG branch, stated, ” I‘m pleased to be associated with the job from RhAG in your area and to collaborate as a branch with the Regional Education and learning Authority to guarantee that moms and dads have the ability to select Welsh tool education and learning for their kids which that arrangement satisfies the high requirements all of us wish to see. ”

The very first main satisfying from the brand-new branch will be kept in the brand-new year previously the Region Preparing Board convenes to talk about the preparing application for the suggested brand-new institution. For much more information on the plans get in touch with Jeremy Salisbury on 07540169242 / Jeremy. salisbury@talktalk. internet. All invite.

RhAG Welcomes Cardiff Council’s Announcement on Canton

cardiff-caerdyddCardiff RhAG has welcomed an announcement received this week by Cardiff Council outlining their intention to build a brand new Welsh-medium school.

The future of Welsh-medium education in the west of the city received a major boost this week with the Council’s latest announcement of their plans to meet the growing demand for Welsh-medium education in the Canton area.

Following a lengthy period of tireless campaigning, parents of Ysgol Gymraeg Treganna and Ysgol Tan-y-Eos were informed of the Council’s proposals to build a new school on land near the Sanatorium at a cost of approximately £ 9million.

In response to the announcement, Mrs. Gruffudd Evans Chair of RhAG Cardiff said, “This long-awaited news is certainly to be welcomed and the fact that things are finally moving forward is a positive step for the Of course that excitement must be tempered with some caution as the success of the scheme is so dependent on funding from the Welsh Assembly Government, and we trust that the government will be able to respond favorably to the only realistic proposal now available. to unlock the growth of Welsh-medium education in Canton. ”

“There is now a need for assurance from the Welsh Assembly Government that they will keep to their commitment to work with Cardiff Council to find a solution and that this will lead to securing the funding necessary to deliver Canton’s position is one obvious part of the growing demand for Welsh-medium education across Cardiff, especially in the west of the city, and moving to resolve this as a matter of urgency will allow the council to work towards “We cannot stress too much that realizing the plan requires close co-operation and a strong will of government.”

He went on to say, “The announcement is also significant as it provides a signal of security and stability not only to current parents of schools but also to parents of the future. After years of uncertainty, this is absolutely necessary to give confidence to the growing number of parents in the area who want to provide their children with Welsh-medium education. The importance of this week’s publication, therefore, represents a development with extremely far-reaching consequences. ”

But Mrs. Gruffudd Evans warned, “It must be acknowledged that this will not be an overnight solution, and therefore an interim plan must be put in place to alleviate the current unacceptable conditions during the period leading up to the opening. the proposed new school in 2013. With that in mind, RhAG will continue to work with parents, Cardiff Council and government officials to ensure that this week’s statement becomes a reality and in line with the timetable which is outlined. “

New School In Cardiff Comes Closer

A new Welsh-medium school is in the making in Cardiff after a stand-alone reception class opened this term in the Splott area. For the time being, the class is located in a part of Moorland Primary School in the south of Splott. The class has 14 pupils, nine from Splott itself, and five from the Rumney area. There was a serious need for a local Welsh-medium school following the relocation of Ysgol y Berllan Deg (which had been temporarily in Roath, next to Splott) to a permanent home a long way to the north in Llanedeyrn. Local residents felt this was unfair because their children had to travel so far on the bus. Now there is real hope that a new school could serve the southern part of Y Berllan Deg’s huge and unwieldy catchment area. That school is already full, anyway, as is Ysgol Bro Eirwg in Rumney, the nearest school to the east, so it is clear that new capacity is needed for the growing numbers seeking Welsh-medium education.

Cardiff Education Authority is expected to make an announcement on the future of the new reception class in November with Layartogel.

A Golden Opportunity to Transform Welsh Medium Education Powys

powysRhAG has contacted all Powys Council Cupboard participants advising them to embrace the concept that assigned Welsh tool institutions (classification 2A) is the chosen design for the shipment from Welsh-medium additional education and learning in Powys.
This comes as the Cupboard convenes tomorrow early morning to talk about, to name a few problems, (i) a record from Range Working as a consultant which talks about Evaluation from Additional Education and learning in North Powys concentrating on Welsh tool/double stream education and learning and (ii) swimming pool consolidation Brecon High School’s present Welsh language at Builth Wells High Institution.

Here is the letter completely :

Dear Councilor

I‘ll contact you as a participant from Powys Council’s Cupboard previously you collect tomorrow to talk about issues from remarkable significance in connection with the advancement from Welsh Tool Education and learning in the region. I refer particularly to :

Evaluation from Additional Education and learning in North Powys concentrating on Welsh tool/double stream Education The Welsh stream at Brecon High School In behalf of RhAG participants in Powys and the County’s moms and dads, and according to the suggestions from the Range Working as a consultant record, we advise you to embrace the concept that assigned Welsh tool institutions (classification 2A) are the chosen design for the shipment from Welsh-medium additional education and learning in Powys.

Guaranteeing equal rights from option and the genuine chance for households that desire their kids to get a complete additional education and learning with the tool from Welsh depends completely on that particular.

For a long time, this has ended up removing that the present system is not lasting, educationally, linguistically or economically. The present system doesn‘t offer equivalent chances for Powys students to get complete additional education and learning with the tool from Welsh, from region traveling is presently the just implies from accessing such an arrangement. In the south from the Region, an enhancing variety of students is a production that trip this can‘t be an appropriate circumstance.

When faced with strategies to spend considerably in the change from the English-medium industry in Powys, a similarly wide-ranging vision is required for Welsh-medium education and learning. This is a gold chance to change the Welsh-medium arrangement in Powys’s right.

Developing Powys’ very first Welsh-medium additional institutions would damage the present stringent cycle and change the landscape from Welsh-medium education and learning in the region, according to Welsh Federal government assumptions to enhance bilingualism. that has currently made public its sights on this, defining that greater than one institution is had to recognize this vision.

Ysgol Bro Hyddgen has industrialized throughout the years to run as a Welsh-medium institution, so formalizing this would be an all-natural action. One of the most rational place for a Welsh-medium institution to offer the north-east from the region – based upon present arrangement – is Llanfair Caereinion the present degree from Welsh-medium arrangement and the main geographic place make this a practical and useful proposal.

Similarly, there‘s a have to deal with comparable chances in the south from the region, by guaranteeing that Builth Wells provides a complete variety of Welsh language programs, and developing a cross-county contract for those that want to remain to get Welsh-medium education and learning. particularly in regards to Message 16 arrangement, having the ability to traveling to Welsh-medium institutions in surrounding regions. Integrating and enhancing the arrangement in Builth Wells would deal with the very best possibility of accomplishing that.

When faced with remarkable monetary stress, the moment has come for Powys Chosen Participants to earn challenging choices that will affect the arrangement from education and learning in Powys for the following quarter from a king 4d. There‘s no rejecting that the obligation you‘ve is huge the obligation to provide all the kids and youths from Powys a real degree having fun area and to guarantee that many more students have complete gain access to to the undoubted advantages from Welsh-medium education and learning in this region. This is a gold chance to change the Welsh-medium arrangement in Powys’s right.

The Welsh Government’s nationwide plan integrated into the nationwide Welsh-medium Education and learning Technique – lays out an objective to enhance and enhance connection in between secret phases, and especially in between main and additional. This likewise collections an unbiased to enhance the variety of 7-year-olds that get their education and learning with the tool from Welsh. Taking favorable activity in the additional industry would have a favorable impact on this and permit Powys Council to satisfy nationwide targets established by the Welsh Federal government. You‘ll understand that there‘re dedications in Powys Council ‘s Welsh in Education and learning Plan 2014-17, a statutory file, to earn advance on the problems: it‘s about time that those guarantees have been executed and provided.

The facility from assigned Welsh-medium institutions is for that reason a crucial element from the Council’s tactical ahead preparing and an important structure rock for the larger advancement from Welsh-medium education and learning in Powys. Additional dragging from feet and denying one more generation from Powys students from the fundamental chance offered to the majority of their peers in the remainder from Wales is unjustified. The require and require is remove: certain actions should be required to develop the arrangement that will satisfy this.

This is a gold chance to change the Welsh-medium arrangement in Powys’s right.

For the factors described over us for that reason contact you to assistance the suggestions previously you tomorrow and to focus on the well-being and rate of interests from the kids and youths from Powys most of all else. We contact you to recognize the belief and count on from Powys moms and dads and students in you as supporters and agents from Powys neighborhoods. We contact you to accept a far-reaching vision for the development from Welsh-medium Education and learning and for the long-lasting future from the Welsh language in the Region.

Historic Milestone for Welsh Medium Education in Newport

Historic milestone for Welsh Medium Education in NewportRhAG and regional moms and dads have today invited Newport Council’s cupboard choice to authorize strategies to open up the county’s very first Welsh-medium additional institution.

A unique satisfying was convened at a unique satisfying convened to talk about 2 objections got throughout the assessment duration.

The brand-new institution, a17m collaboration in between Newport Council, Monmouthshire Region Council and the Welsh Federal government, will lie on the premises from Dyffryn High Institution, in the southwest from the city, and will confess 90 students in September 2016.

Elin Maher, regional moms and dad and chair from Newport GTP stated, The choice from Newport City Council today is the conclusion from years from campaigning, instructing and effort. Moms and dads, instructors and policemen have added to production this choice a truth. Finally, a regional Welsh-medium additional institution will be offered for our kids. ”

Lynne Davies, regional moms and dad and nationwide chair from RhAG included The long-awaited choice today is to warmly invite them. With Welsh Education and learning under siege or shedding ground in various other locations, it‘s considerable that the Southern Eastern is prominent the method. This notes a brand-new and interesting duration for the Welsh language in this field where the language battle is every day however where considerable advance is being made. Today is undeniable evidence from that.

The Success of Welsh-medium Schools: a Step towards Further Development

The findings of recent BBC Wales research need to be placed in a wider context to avoid creating a misconception.

This is RhAG’s response to the survey comparing the performance of 11-year-olds from all schools in Wales in the core subjects of Welsh, English, Maths, and Science.

Lynne Davies, on behalf of that, said These findings must be carefully responded to and interpreted as a snapshot of a particular phase of the educational career of pupils in Welsh-medium schools. These findings need to be aligned with other statistics to ensure a fair and balanced picture.

First of all, it must be acknowledged and celebrated that children in Welsh-medium schools are less likely to underachieve than English-medium pupils in Wales. Indeed, is it not surprising that a third of pupils from non-Welsh speaking homes reach the highest places at the age of 11? It must be remembered that this is when mastering two languages, not one, and so the sport is one to be admired even more.

This is only a step towards further development at Key Stages 3 and 4, and GCSE results overall show the excellence of Welsh-medium education.

The strong message from the research is the need to strengthen the Welsh language in other areas beyond the classroom; there needs to be a much greater investment in leisure and social opportunities through the medium of Welsh for children and young people; more investment is needed to support parents on the language journey of the whole family and the conditions need to be created to produce more Welsh-speaking homes. We trust that the Welsh Government is paying attention to this.

BBC Wales Report

WM Education in Cardiff: Alarm Bells Ringing

Serious concerns that a starter class for Grangetown and Butetown will not open as promised this September is an indication of wider failures by Cardiff Council in the planning of Welsh-medium education provision across the city.

newyddionThis is RhAG’s response to concerns of local parents that the Council will not keep their promise to open the starter class hosted at Ninian Park School, as a seedling of the new school which is proposed to open on a permanent site in 2017.
On the basis of Council figures for July, RhAG is aware that 105 pupils were refused first choice applications for a place in the city’s Welsh-medium primary schools. It is unclear how many children have been lost to the English-medium sector, nor how many are still in the appeals system. This represents a loss of 13% of all applications for the Welsh-medium September 2015 Reception intake. The loss for September 2014 was approximately 5%.

Said Michael Jones for Cardiff RhAG, “Warning bells should now be ringing as many problems can be found throughout the city. In the East, between Bro Eirwg and Penypil 13 children have been unable to obtain a place without another nearby school a practical possibility. Glan Morfa has been turning pupils away for 3 years and more, and the same situation has arisen this year with 5 applications refused. In the North, the situation at Mynydd Bychan (19 refused) is unacceptable and the Wern, at 75 applications cannot meet the demand with 3 pupils not being offered a place. The applications for Melin Gruffydd is 7 over their Standard Admission Number and Pence at 21 applications over their SAN. In the West, there is an urgent need to do something for Nant Caerau and Treganna is packed with 16 applications above their statutory number.

“We need immediate action by extending the current provision as an interim solution and to open new schools to meet the demand. Honoring the commitment to open a starter class to serve Grangetown and Butetown is an indispensable part of the Council’s plans to develop Welsh-medium education in the city, as has been incorporated into Cardiff Council’s statutory Welsh in Education Strategic Plan, which has been approved by the Minister of Education. Although the council had announced their intention to proceed with the class, the fact that parents were not made known of this until May and arrangements not confirmed until August, meant it was all far too late; so the current crisis is the result of a lack of acting early enough which has weakened parents’ trust and confidence. The current administration needs to restore this by taking control of the situation and providing firm and proactive action as a matter of urgency.

“In addition, we call on the Council to conduct an urgent city-wide review of the catchment areas for Welsh-medium schools and a thorough review of the school admissions process in order to provide greater fairness, clarity, and certainty for parents in applying for places in Welsh-medium schools.”